Since The majority of Pam’s actions revolve around the kitchen region we determined that we’d want to do something quickly to fix this horrible and forgotten region of the home. With that notion in mind that the kitchen has been designated as another priority. As you can see in the earlier photos this place had any severe troubles, even more than we know. Our immediate concern was to set some type of performance inside the room. Who understands it is very likely that the kitchen may experience a range of transformations from the long run.

We began This helped a whole lot. It’s amazing what a little paint could reach to get a space. We looked at all of the kitchen appliances (dishwasher and stove were the sole appliances in the house ) and determined the filth was too much. I went out and bought a brand new dishwasher and cooker for Pam. We had our fridge so that we put that set up. A fantastic scrubbing could not help those appliances which were at the house.

It Was nearly too fearful to begin taking photos of our new residence. From 1 area to the second all we see has been enormous amounts of filth. Nasty environment infused us at each corner of the house however through our pre-cleaning stage when all we had been doing is taking photos I thought I’d break down the rooms one by one. I have to warn everybody this home is your chief at the”Cult of the Filth” so get your life insurance paid since you see those images. You may view the earlier images of this filthy kitchen that we recently struck. First see the unclean stove prepared to haunt anyone going into the kitchen. Who’d ever need to cook a meal about this? Glance with caution in the picture showing behind the cooker as it seems as though it has not been cleaned for several long decades.
Many flooring tiles in the kitchen which will have to be replaced. It’s clear that the former occupant wasn’t too clean and neglected to keep the home to criteria.

The lighting and fan assemblies which Were at the kitchen/dining room mix were in pretty poor condition and we chose to replace them with only a ceiling lighting. The fan in the dining room could hit on the door of the cupboard as it had been opened. The lights functioned better for us.

We put our Refrigerator at which the preceding tenets frig was found and because it had a water source line run to your ice maker is was quite suitable for all of us. Pam took a little cabinet that she’d and put it at the center of the ground to work with as an island to get working on. This is only a temporary condition. The dining room area includes the dining table and four chairs inside while her china cabinet needed to be put basically from the kitchen. The counters in the breakfast bar cleaned up real good and after Pam put a few of her things on it that the area started to take on a fresh and exciting lifestyle of its own.

Kitchen/dining space to the back deck are in poor form and will want to Be substituted later on. At the mean time in a certain stage later on We’ll be adding onto a formal dining area for Pam but that’ll be later in time. Pam put up some drapes into the windows and it does not look too bad. The flooring was in such poor shape that we needed to put a piece of Timber above a part of it. On the timber Pam Set a rug runner and it Does not seem bad in any way. It’s Going to do until we’ve got time and funds to Redo the whole kitchen/dining region flooring. At least today We’ve Got a Total kitchen and Pam is now able to unpack the rest of her kitchen boxes.